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  • Mar 13, 2017
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Life & Letters of Paul

2018 Study Tour

October 18-22 (Pre-trip Cruise) & October 22-28 (Bus Tour)

Spend some months absorbing the wonders of Paul’s Epistles, through our focused study classes, then a week plus on the very roads Paul walked, and then a lifetime of sacred memories. Join John & Bonnie for an immersive devotional journey through God’s Word written down by the Apostle Paul.

This study of Paul’s NT Epistles is right in the geographic and historical context where he wrote them: Athens, Corinth, Cenchrea, along Via Egnatia, Thessalonica, Berea & Philippi…

The heart of the New Testament beats with Paul’s Epistles defining what it means to be “in Christ”. Those Epistles that make up half of the New Testament are set in the context of the Roman Empire. Through his decades as both a seminary professor and a teaching pastor, John explains the texts of Scripture through the historic, geographic, archaeological, and theological lenses of Bible Exposition. The result? God’s Word comes vibrantly to life.

For over thirty years, Dr. John Barnett has been taking believers around the Lands of the Book—to watch the geography and history come alive with truths from God’s Word.

Each of John’s Bible study tours are intentionally devotional. God’s Word is our textbook, the Biblical sites are our classroom, and the Spirit of God is our teacher.

To maximize your learning time, Bonnie & I have gone before you to each site, walked every path, stayed in each hotel and prepared this customized, hands on, immersive, Bible study tour. We will see each spot Paul ministered from every angle possible. Soaking in God’s Word deeply in a historic, geographic, archaeological,  expositional, and devotional way.

Pre-Tour Aegean Cruise (10/18-22): $1699

Join us for three days visiting Biblical sites in Patmos, Ephesus, and Crete. See the wonders of Ephesus where Paul stayed the longest and Patmos from where Jesus sent His last words to the Church. Explore Crete and the amazing Epistle to Titus with the curriculum God gave to be taught to every member of His Church. We will also see the sublime beauty of Mykonos & Santorini.

Life & Letters Bus Tour (10/22-28): $2299

For seven days we start each day at a fresh new site directly out of God’s Word. We walk through the Scriptures and see how the context of the Roman World illustrates the truths God’s Spirit inspired Paul to write down in each of his Epistles.

Two vital resources: a detailed overview of all options and a step-by-step travel planner and trip preparation is available on request. Just email me at and we will send that to you.  That pre-trip countdown guide explains all of the online resources and study materials for maximum preparation.

Everything happened somewhere: and the locations God used to communicate His Holy Scriptures are amazing. Sit in the Agora of Corinth and see the context of the Epistle to the Romans. Walk the streets of Ephesus and hear the crowd chanting from Acts 19. Feel the actual pavers of the Via Egnatia beneath your feet and ponder the thousands of miles of Paul’s missionary journeys.

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