• Philadelphia: Meet the True One, the Key of David Possessor, & the One Who Opens Doors

  • Oct 2, 2011

In a world of uncertainties, lurking disasters, constant unknowns, and endless potential dangers—Jesus Christ told these believers so much like us: here is truth you can hold tightly.

Jesus re-introduces Himself, and the promise was in His identity as The Christ. It’s holding on by faith, to who Jesus really is, that changes everything. They needed a reminder of just Who they were listening to. Jesus Christ tells them that He holds the key to everything.

Nothing that Jesus Christ opens can be closed; and when He shuts the door to anything—that door can never be opened.

That concept is powerful to think about, depending on which side of the door you are on. Christ’s words are either amazingly encouraging: that the door of blessing, ministry, or hope will never be shut; or very soberingly horrible, that the door of life, forgiveness, security, and hope can slam shut to you, and it can never be re-opened.

Revelation 3:7-13