• A Living Hope in a Dying World
    Date: Mar 28, 2010 | Passage: Matthew 24:29-32
    Series: What's Next for Planet Earth? The Promises and Prophecies of Christ in Matthew 24

    True salvation implants an inextinguishable hope within us. Prophecy is probably the most encouraging and affirming study we can do in God's Word and especially prophecy. Prophecy is the hope we have of Christ's return that has inspired believers to face troubles, afflictions, and wearying persecutions. Today, as we read the darkest hours of mankind’s earthly journey, note how Jesus weaves into this dark fabric, the rays of HOPE.

  • A Refuge for the Abandoned
    Date: Aug 14, 2005 | Passage: Psalm 13
    Series: Christ Our Refuge

    Everything was going so well for so long--Goliath, worship leader for the king, warrior, king's cabinet, king's son-in-law and then everything fell apart! Christ is our Refuge--but not if we can't see His open arms.

  • A Refuge for the Overwhelmed
    Date: Aug 7, 2005 | Passage: Psalm 34
    Series: Christ Our Refuge

    When life unexpectedly overwhelms us and we feel we can't go on and we feel all alone--what do we do? David faced that as well as so many of God's faithful servants through the years. Just because we love and serve the Lord doesn't mean we miss the storms and skids of life.

  • A Refuge for the Unexpected Changes of Life
    Date: Aug 7, 2005 | Passage: Psalm 56
    Series: Christ Our Refuge

    Christ is our refuge; Christ is my refuge--that is what we each need to learn. And to learn that wonderful truth we are in the midst of a six stop tour of Christ's promises.

  • A Theology of True Worship
    Date: Apr 22, 2012 | Passage: Revelation 4
    Series: Heaven: The Throne Room of the Universe

    Towering over all our daily lives and worship we offer as believers: is the Throne of our God the King. When we pray it’s to the Throne of our Hallowed Father who is King in Heaven that we are to address our prayers. When we struggle it is to the Throne of our King of Grace and Mercy that we cry to out for help in time of need. When we serve it is our King who tests all our good works by His refining fire, and then passes out all rewards, that we prepare to stand before. When we worship it is the Throne of God our King, surrounded by the numberless hosts who join with us, that we sync our worship with.

  • A Tour of the Grave
    Date: Mar 6, 2005
    Series: What's Next for Planet Earth? The Promises and Prophecies of Christ in Matthew 24

    We are in the midst of our What's Next Series. We are studying prophetic Scriptures that are coming to pass just as God promised that they would.

  • A Tribulation Survival Guide
    Date: Feb 6, 2005
    Series: What's Next for Planet Earth? The Promises and Prophecies of Christ in Matthew 24

    For centuries, skeptics who deny that God's Word is reliable and inspired—have pointed to one entire chapter of the Bible that describes an event which has never happened. That event is the prophesied end of the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world.

  • A Victorious Life Full of New Beginnings
    Date: Aug 3, 2003 | Passage: 1 Peter 1:22-25
    Series: Discipline Yourself for Godliness

    God's Word offers us a life of new beginnings. The ultimate new beginning is called the new birth or being born again. Being born again is by God's Word.

  • A Word Filled Life Offers True Security
    Date: Jul 6, 2003
    Series: Discipline Yourself for Godliness

    Independence Day reminds us how dangerous the world is, and how costly our freedom and security can be. For 227 years our peace and safety has cost us the blood of many patriots and soldiers. Constant vigilance is needed to keep our freedom and safety secure nationally.

  • Abiding Crucified
    Date: Aug 29, 2004 | Passage: John 15:1-8
    Series: The Good Heart

    Today the key to all you and I will ever be is summed up by two words "in Christ". Our identification with Him in His work on the Cross brought us salvation. Our continuing with Him brings everlasting rewards. Attached to Christ we begin to see His life lived out in us. Our hands attached to Him do His bidding, our feet go as His went, our eyes see as His saw, and so on.

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