October 2012

  • Allowing Revelation 4 & 5 To Impacts Our Lives Today - Part 2
    Date: Oct 7, 2012 | Passage: Revelation 4-5
    Series: Heaven: The Throne Room of the Universe

    Heaven is where God is, His Throne, His perfected worship, and the way things look untainted by sin. We hardly ever get to see what something looks like that is perfect, during our earthly lives, because everything we see is marred by sin, the fall, and the rebellion of Satan swirling around us. But each time we get to open our Bibles, we see through the window of the Word, a perfect sight of the way things are right now in Heaven.

  • Applying the Gospel Jesus Taught to Our Life Today
    Date: Oct 14, 2012 | Passage: John 4:20-24
    Series: Heaven: The Throne Room of the Universe

    The driving message of salvation is worship. Jesus tells us the only thing God seeks is worship. So, the purpose of salvation is worshiping the God of Heaven. Now, look what Revelation completes for us. The whole Bible can be summed up by the theme of worship. We have come to the final lesson from Revelation 4 & 5.

  • How Did Jesus Christ Himself Present The Plan of Salvation?
    Date: Oct 21, 2012 | Passage: John 1-21
    Series: Heaven: The Throne Room of the Universe

    From cover to cover in the Bible, our Great God has revealed Himself as God the Savior. God is not willing that any should perish in a Christ-less and Eternal Hell. God wants everyone to hear His truth, receive His Gospel, and repent unto life eternal. This desire is seen starting in the Garden of Eden when God Himself comes looking for His rebellious, fallen creations: Adam and Eve. God’s desire continues all the way to the climactic ending of Earth’s end of days.

  • The Gospel According to Jesus
    Date: Oct 28, 2012 | Passage: John 1-21
    Series: Heaven: The Throne Room of the Universe

    No one understands the Gospel better than our Lord & Savior, the Author & finisher of our faith, Jesus Christ. Today we continue on our journey through the Gospel recorded by the Apostle John. As we open to John 5 we are listening and watching the eyewitness record of John who was closest of all the Apostles to Jesus. The Holy Spirit uses that proximity and loving eye and ear of young John, to give the most unique of all the four Gospel accounts.