April 2013

  • Coming Soon: Global Peace, Safety & Prosperity
    Date: Apr 28, 2013 | Passage: Revelation 6:2
    Series: The Return of the King: Revelation 6-19

    For decade after decade we in Christ's church have been well taught about the inexorable slide our world is in, heading towards the final war. It seems like every day we are seeing more and more of what the Bible talks about, with our world plunging deeper into chaos, ethnic conflicts, horrific acts of terrorism and aggression, and what seems like more and more natural disasters. God's Word warns of all these plagues, quakes, and famines. Do all those conditions mean that the Tribulation is close?

  • Understanding Revelation 6-19 by Using Christ's Longest Answer Ever Given
    Date: Apr 7, 2013 | Passage: Revelation 6:1
    Series: The Return of the King: Revelation 6-19

    One way to look at the Bible is to see it as a complete course of study in order to graduate with proficiency in a chosen field. God is the instructor, His textbook is the Bible, the Degree we have enrolled in is: Knowing God. There are 66 courses of study, one for each book of the Bible. Every book God included is vital for some reason. Some we are more drawn to than others. Some are easier, some are well known, others are hard, mysterious, and much like our hardest classes we faced in school, we grit our teeth and plow through even when it is very hard, but all Scripture is vital.