September 2013

  • Stark Choices: Christ Who Offers Endless Life & The Devil, and the Destroyer from the Abyss, Who Offer Endless Death
    Date: Sep 22, 2013 | Passage: Revelation 9
    Series: The Return of the King: Revelation 6-19

    Today we open to what most Bible commentators over the centuries have called perhaps the most challenging chapter in the Bible. Before we dive in we need to step back and remember one of the most amazing features of this book: the role of the Gospel in relation to the horrors of the Tribulation. The Bible closes with one of the greatest invitations of all, an amazing offer of endless life, given by God the Father, Son, and Spirit to any human that will hear and by faith respond. That’s what can be found in the final chapter, of the last book of the Bible. Now turn with me to perhaps the most vivid portrayal of death, evil, and destruction in all of God's Word, it is in Revelation 9.

  • The Silence Before the Storm
    Date: Sep 8, 2013 | Passage: Revelation 8
    Series: The Return of the King: Revelation 6-19

    The Bible is very easy to understand when we look at it the same way that we look at almost all other communications in life. When we talk, read letters, assignments, menus, texts, and so on, we use this plain, normal sense of literal meanings of words. To understand God's Word, just read the Bible as if God was trying to explain to us His plan, in plain English. As we open to Revelation 8 today, we are going to find again that in each chapter there are incredible insights into our Great God. Each of this book’s 404 verses are like tiny windows into understanding a bit more of our All Powerful and Almighty God.

  • The Silence of God & The Cries of His Suffering Saints
    Date: Sep 1, 2013 | Passage: Revelation 8:1-6
    Series: The Return of the King: Revelation 6-19

    The eighth chapter of Revelation may hold one of the most impacting truths we have studied so far in this final book of God's Word. This chapter before us contains the twin truths that explain what has happened to the prayers of every believer and saint of every age of human history. Each time we pray in Christ's Name that prayer rises before the Face of God our Father. What goes on at the Throne of Grace & Mercy, as the writer of Hebrews calls the Throne of God? That mystery is beautifully explained here in Revelation 8.

  • Why Does God Send the Second Greatest Ecological Disaster of History in Revelation 8?
    Date: Sep 15, 2013 | Passage: Revelation 8
    Series: The Return of the King: Revelation 6-19

    In Genesis 6-8, God sent the first ecological disaster of human history in the catastrophic Global Flood of Noah. It was less than 5,000 years ago, when God completely devastated the surface of the entire planet. Through 40 days of rain, plus most likely the fountains of the deep (volcanic eruptions), God drowned or buried every land animal, and every human except the eight in the Ark. There has never been anything like the Flood of Noah that buried, flooded, and changed every square inch of the Earth, just under 5,000 years ago. That is until the events of Revelation 8. In this chapter we find an ecological disaster, the magnitude of which we will examine today.