• Biblical Exercises for Spiritual Health & Fitness in 2015

    As we each stand at the doorway of a New Year, it is always a time of reflection, resolutions, and thoughts about what we really want to focus upon in the days ahead. This feeling is not new, it almost seems that God built into the seasons of both the Earth and of human life this element of pause, reflection, and renewal. Just as the burst of life in Spring, and the flourishing of Summer into the harvest of Autumn, leads into the quietness and slowness of Winter to prepare and reflect upon the burst of Spring. So each New Year we pause to think about how to focus on what really matters.

  • Brave New World - Devils, Demons, Dinosaurs

    The key to the future is properly understanding the past. There is only one reliable record of all of the history of this planet, and that record is in our hands todayit's called the Bible. This book gives us the record of the Brave New World that arose on this planet after the complete destruction of the Flood. Where did all the modern nations come from? Genesis 10-11 explains where every nation on this planet, every tribe and every language came from! How about dinosaurs? Are they in the Bible? And all this UFO and science fiction world that we see in the news and moviesdoes that have to do with anything God's Word has taught us? Answers to so many questions can be found in this exciting study of the rise of modern man. And the clues left in Genesis all point to what will happen soon as recorded in the Book of Revelation. Join us for the perfect primer of prophetic studies in Genesis 10 and onward to the end of the world.

  • Christ in ALL the Scripture - Portraits of Jesus from Genesis to Revelation

    The theme of every book, every chapter, and every verse of the Bible--is Jesus Christ. See Him from cover to cover as we trace Him from Genesis to Revelation in this rich devotional study. Learn how all the promises He made can be ours by faith as we see Him and learn of Him. The Bible will come alive as never before when you take this life changing journey of faith.

  • Christ Our Refuge

    Jesus is always waiting, His arms are always open, His door is never locked: the clearest picture of Christ as Savior is seen in the cities of refuge. Is Christ your city of refuge? Is He easy to reach for you? Are His arms open to you? Do you see that there is no other hope but Him? Jesus offers to be our refuge when we are unclean, our refuge when we are weary, our refuge when we are homeless, our refuge when we are helpless, our refuge when we are hopeless, and our refuge when we are tempted. Have you fled to the safest spot in the universe? If not, come find that Christ is your moment-by-moment perfect refuge!

  • Christ's Last Words To His Church: The Book of Revelation

    Revelation completes God’s revelation of Himself to humanity through Christ. The Book of Revelation explains for us that God the Son, Jesus Christ the Creator is here on the ground guiding His Church to accomplish His purposes in the world. Much like a coach on the floor with his team, Jesus Christ is walking around and watching us play our positions He gave us to play. That is perhaps the most arresting truth in all the Bible for us. We are not alone, the Coach Himself, our Creator is personally wanting to help us get done what He desires us to do. How can we respond to these truths that God has left us?

  • David's Spiritual Secret - A Life That Serves God

    What would you like to have written on your tombstone? When people remember your life and minewhat would we like for them to remember? What's really interesting is that God wrote many epitaphs, memories of what a particular life was all about. Hebrews 11 is a chapter filled with monuments to lives lived for God that pleased Him. If God sent down an order to write out an inscription to the monument company, what would He send for you? God's epitaph for David is written down in Acts 13. I invite you to study the marker that captures an entire life lived on planet earth. And in nine words God sums up what a servant is all about. Acts 13:36 "David had served God's purpose in his own generation."

  • Delights of a Word Filled Marriage

    A Word filled marriage is a journey into the delights of what God has promised to those who follow His guide to marriage. Want to energize your relationship with your lifelong partner in marriage? God has laid the pathway for young or old, newlyweds or long timers.

  • Discipline Yourself for Godliness

    Life comes at us from every direction with instructions others think we should follow. But worldly strategies often leave out one key directiveGod's plan for our lives: the Word-filled life. The Scriptures offer instruction on how to have a joyous Word-filled life that includes better relationships with our God, our families, our friends, and a work life that can be satisfying, purposeful, and rewarding.

  • Discover The Glory of Jesus

    WORSHIP is the atmosphere of Heaven. The Throne of God is the center of the Universe. The saints who step into eternity soon kneel at Christ’s feet. Get in step with God, join the saints and angels—Feel the Majesty of worshiping the Lamb. Find living hope for the end of days in the WORSHIP OF JESUS WE SHARE IN TODAY.

  • Discover The Majesty of Jesus

    FEEL, John’s lonely, forsaken, and painful exile on Patmos. See John’s face-to-face meeting with the Risen Christ breathe hope into his life and ours. What Christ did—He still does. What John needed—we still need. What Jesus said—we still hear! Find living hope for the end of days in the MAJESTY OF JESUS as He is today.

  • Discover The Mansions of Jesus

    WAIT until you see what God has planned for us. It is out of this World. The curse restrained, then the sinners eternally judged, and then Heaven’s Gates opened. In these three chapters comes the conclusion to every promise God has made. For the answer to the environment, the end of suffering, and the Joys of Heaven—Here is God’s final Word. Find living hope for the end of days in the MANSIONS JESUS OFFERS.

  • Discover The Mystery of Jesus

    PONDER the mysteries of God’s Plan in conquering back the Father’s World. Countering every nefarious attach of the Serpent—Christ’s truth is unleashed. Nothing surprises Christ. Nothing impedes Jesus. Nothing limits His perfect Plan. Whatever life brings, God is providentially weaving His good handiwork into the fabric of our lives. Find living hope for the end of days in the MYSTERIES JESUS REVEALS.

  • Energized By Grace

    An in-depth and practical look at the way Jesus is building His Church in the world today from the Scriptures of the New Testament.

  • Ephesians 6: The Armor of God and Spiritual Warfare

    Are you aware that today Satan wants to poison your thoughts and emotions away from the purity of God's truth? His attacks center in two areas: your mind and your emotions. The book of Ephesians tells us how we can withstand these attacks by putting on the full armor of God!

  • Experience the World of the Bible

    The more you understand "the land of the Book," the more you can gain insights into "the Book---God's Word---the Bible. For 20-plus years, John Barnett has been teaching believers from all over the USA from "the Book" in "the land." On devotional study tours over the past two decades, he has taught over 2,500 that God's Word is our textbook, the actual sites are our classroom, and the Spirit of God is our techer.

  • Face2Face - The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Christians
  • Finding Jesus This Christmas

    Are you listening to God speak through His Word, so He can also use you in an extraordinary way? Have you carved out a place in your daily routine for God's Word, prayer, and worshipful ministry? God wants to use those who LISTEN to Him. theme of every book, every chapter, and every verse of the Bible--is Jesus Christ. This Christmas, find Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world!

  • Genesis: From the Garden to Glory

    Want to understand dinosaurs and cavemen? Study Genesis 1-5! Want to grasp the events of the Flood and the Lost World? Study Genesis 6-8! Want to see where you and every other nationality on earth originated? Learn the secrets of Genesis 9-11!

  • God's Man for the 21st Century

    The essence of God’s plan is that He wants to enlist men who are at the peak of their lives and careers, to invest the best days of their lives with Him.  And for those in the strong and flexible days of their youth, He has the same request. Give your life to Me, don’t waste your life on anything less! In Titus 2, God says to start a training program that would involve comprehensive, church-wide nurturing. The curriculum God offers has 24 specific lessons.

  • Grace-Energized Men

    God Looks for godly men every day. His Word tells us that He is looking for those who have a heart for Him. God is on the lookout for hearts that are turned His direction, completely His, and fully committed to do and be what He wants. Grace-energized men, who live for God in a sin-energized world, is what we will study in this series. God’s plan is to reach into every church, every marriage, and every home by changing the lives of menthe God-designed leaders of the church, marriages and homes. When the Lord wants to change a culture He works through the men and women He changes one by one. Paul’s epistle to Titus presents the plan for a grace-energized man who lives and walks through this sin-energized world by the power of God—neither perfectly, sinlessly, nor effortlessly, but by a chosen path of love for God and the grace He gives.

  • Grace-Energized Women

    Titus 2 is not meant to be an inspirational picture of some yesteryear woman of virtue from 2,000 years ago. God's Word presents the Titus 2 woman as God’s plan, God’s desire, and God’s marching orders for all women in Christ of any age in any era of Christ's Church. If there is one passage every young lady should memorize it is right here. If there is one paragraph in the Bible every bride-to-be should have down as a part of her preparation to be married—this is it. If there is a handful of verses every tired mother and busy wife need as the one they hold to make it through one more day—look no further. Welcome to the complete woman of God, as defined and described by God.

  • Growing Strong in Seasons of Pain and Suffering

    Suffering can be one of the most challenging and the most wonderful times in your life. In this series we will look at suffering in the lives of many saints in God’s word. How did they make it through hard times? Is there a secret to be victorious in it all? God knows what each of us is going through, and He has an answer for all who wonder why.

  • Heaven: The Throne Room of the Universe

    Heaven is the word God uses for where we as believers are headed. Heaven is mysterious to many; and a place of many fanciful speculations. But, God's Word has given us all He wants us to know about Heaven. As we open to Revelation 4, we open to the first words of the only guided tour of Heaven found in God's Word.

  • How to Give Your Life to God

    As we open in our Bibles to the Gospel by Luke, chapter 1, we are looking at the theme God's Word calls us to especially ponder this season: Have we given to God our greatest and dearest treasures this Christmas? Giving is the theme of this season, and even the stores around us have picked up that theme. But this Christmas season we are going to look at five lives that were focused upon Christ at His birth. Each is a beautiful portrait of giving to Him what they had. Each of them have been immortalized by God for what they did. 

  • Hungering For God
  • James: Authentic Christian Living

    James was the earthly brother of Jesus. After he was saved he became the first pastor of the first church in Jerusalem. His letter is probably the first New Testament epistle. Authentic living is what matters and that is what he calls for. With more imperatives or commands than any other letter of its size, James tells us in no uncertain terms how to live the life that pleases God.

  • Joy of a Word Filled Family

    Listen to the messages that produced the book: "The Joy of a Word Filled Family." The Bible presents the oldest parenting manual on earth---Deuteronomy 6. In those verses we find the foundation for the blessings of a Word-filled family.

  • Knowing God - Walking Through the Book of Books

    If you have always wanted to feel that you had a grasp on the message of the whole Bible—you can. If you always wanted to see the big picture of God's Word—it's possible. If you always feel like you never can put it all together—you can. This series pulls all of the overviews and surveys of the Bible into one journey through the Book of Books.

  • Learn the Old Testament in 24 Hours

    Although mastery of God's Word is the task of a lifetime, this intense 24-hour study will offer you a strategic grasp of the spiritual applications the 39 Old Testament books can have on your everyday life!

  • Life of New Beginnings

    The Spirit filled life is the way God plans for us to live on planet Earth until we get safely home to be with Him in Heaven. What is that life like? It is a life of new beginnings as we learn to stay in step with the Spirit. Then as we walk in the Spirit and experience His fullness we unleash the power of Word filled prayers. Join us for a Spirit filled journey through the Scriptures into the heights of the Word filled life of Spirit filled days of new beginnings!

  • Living Hope for the End of Days

    Living Hope is a 365 Day devotional to take you through the entire book of Revelation in one year. The Revelation of Jesus Christ, the very last book of God’s Word to mankind, describes the final chapter in human history, confirming that Christ Jesus is the fulfillment of every promise that God has ever made.

  • Miracle of Israel: The Jews - God's Sign

    Wars are simmering in the Middle East. Globalism is spreading so fast that we can't keep up with all the advancements. Terrorism has shown us how quickly we can be brought to our knees as a nation. And each day news headlines read like chapter titles in those old scrolls written by Hebrew prophets in Jerusalem long ago. Are you up to speed with what God has mapped out for the future? Do you know what's next on His timetable?

  • Our Risen Savior

    The greatest event of all time is Christ's resurrection. Come with me to that dark night pierced by the flood light of the Light that conqured the darkness—and forever changed us who believe.

  • Our Shared Life

    God declares to us that we are Christ's Body, and being a part of something that big and that important has enormous responsibilities. Note what Paul says in I Corinthians 12:27: 'Now you are the body of Christ, and members individually.' You and I are each individual pieces, parts, members of Christ's Body. And as a member of His Body, we have shared responsibilities; to accomplish His plan we each must do what we were made to do! The Body of Christ is complex, made of many individual parts, each with a special job to do.

  • Paradise Lost

    History begins here. Jesus based is redemptive work of the cross and his teachings on a literal view of these five chapters. Understandably the record of Genesis, the record of the beginning of time, gives us great confidence and insight into the times in which we now live. Learn in 12 vivid lessons the wonders of God creating everything from nothing in six literal 24-hour days. See Satan’s four spiritual flaws and understand how we can resist his attacks today. Understand how the key to the future is: properly understanding the past. Lastly, study the wonders of how Revelation concludes what Genesis starts-see the perfections of heaven as paradise is restored!

  • Pathway to the Most High - From the Tabernacle to God's Throne

    The Old Testament Tabernacle was a tiny replica of the worship that surrounds God’s Throne. Every object, every color, and every ceremony speak of the wonders of entering God’s Presence. If you want to understand the most written-about portion of the Bible (the Tabernacle) then this is where to start.

  • Psalm 119: The Power of a Word Filled Life

    Would you like to know how to unleash the power of God’s Word into your everyday life? Learn the disciplines of a Godly life—Scripture reading, Spirit filled living, stewardship, supplication, and suffering. Study Old Testament keys to meditation and memorization. Dr. Barnett closely studied the nearly 3,000 lives recorded in the Bible, as well as many of the major figures who have crossed the world’s stage to find those God used to magnify His Name in this world. The common denominator was their choosing to discipline themselves for God, to find the quality life that He wants for each of us. The Scriptures offer instruction on how to have a joyous Word filled life that includes better relationships with our God, our families, our friends, and a work life that can be satisfying, purposeful, and rewarding. This richly researched and practical study guide of God’s Word shows how He wants to greatly bless us and offers His clear guidelines for how to have an exciting lifetime filled with confidence, purpose, direction, and hope.

  • Q&A: Addressing Your Questions from God's Word
  • Revelation 17 - Why I'm Not A Roman Catholic

    Where did the present day Catholic Church come from? Do you understand from Church History? This study is an examination of history through the lense of Scripture. It is not an attack--it is a call to truth.

  • Revelation 6-9,16,19: Return of the Real King - Jesus

    WATCH as the long withheld wrath of God breaks out. Sin is judged. Mankind is decimated. Civilizations vanish. Imprisoned monsters of dark ages past--run wild. Evil goes unrestrained. And then--Christ comes. His eyes ablaze, His Words unleashed—And His feet stand again on earth. Find living hope for the end of days in the RETURN OF THE REAL KING--JESUS. THE DISCOVER THE END OF THE WORLD WITH JESUS is a vivid ride through the Tribulation unleashing the glory of Jesus verse by verse. This series explains the seals, trumpets and bowls and ends at the Second Coming of Jesus over the skies of Armageddon. These six (6) messages are a graphic look at how Christ's description of the Tribulation is casting its shadow across our world today. What is the purpose of End Times prophetic studies? Is it to scare us, depress us or fascinate us? No—it is a call to a lifestyle that thinks of Heaven, Looks for Jesus, and Lives for His Well Done. Join in the expectant hope of the early church—and wait for Jesus as we go on a careful verse-by-verse journey through Matthew 24 and 1st Thessalonians—looking for Christ's return!

  • Revelation: From Now to Forever

    Revelation is the ending to the greatest Book ever written. This final word from God explains all you need to know to understand His ordained events from now until forever. Revelation is the place to go if you are intrigued by prophecy, if you enjoy discovering new truths, and, most of all, if you want to know as much as possible about the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Season Of Hope
  • Spiritual Warfare Series
  • The 21st Century Woman of Grace

    There is nothing greater in life than to be useful for God! Most of us as we look back at how fast time passes, struggle with our purpose in life, always wondering if our days are spent wisely. If you want to go through life confident that you are doing exactly what God wants you to do each day—here it is. If you want a special passage to memorize and meditate upon that can transform your thinking and life’s direction—here it is. God is asking each of us to check how we live. He wants us pointed His way so that our life can become a pattern of grace that can be used to mentor, encourage, coach, tutor, teach, train and guide another’s life towards Him. 

  • The Coming Global Financial Collapse

    Measure your true wealth by what you have invested in heaven. As Christ reveals the coming meltdown of human civilization, He shows us our real worth is found in what we would have left after we lost health, wealth, prosperity, possessions, and power. We already know the stocks that will survive the collapse—just be sure you are invested in them. Find living hope for the end of days in the true riches Christ gives.

  • The Gift of New Beginnings

    The Gospel by Mark is the premier book in God's Word about hope—hope for a new start, hope for complete forgiveness, hope in the God of the second chance. The Book of Mark, holds the words of Mark capturing the experiences of Peter. This series covers lessons about Peter, Humility, Worship, and Resisting the devil.

  • The Gift of Salvation

    Many are looking for the most "wanted" gifts; so much so that often these gifts are sold out and become even more sought after. God came to provide the only gift that everyone absolutely, critically needs—the substitutionary death of His Son, who came to meet our critical, eternal-life-threatening need prompted by our sins. In this series we will see how vast and meaningful our salvation really is.

  • The Glory of Christmas

    This Christmas, come to the manger and see God. Visit those first moments again as the cast of Christmas gathered around the new born King. See Joseph and Mary, Simeon and Anna, Zacharias and Elizabeth and so many others you have heard of—as never before. Learn lessons on how to cultivate worship, humility, and finishing fruitfully from the many characters in the Christmas story including Herod, the Magi (Wise Men), the Shepherds, and the Scribes. Watch these precious moments of Christmas touch every area of your life!

  • The Good Heart

    Jesus presents a parable with Himself as the farmer (Matthew 13.37) seeking to grow a crop. Everything, as far as farmer Jesus is concerned depends upon the harvest. All the soils get the same farmer’s sowing, the same seed, the same growing season, the same rainfall, and so on. But only one soil could be harvested, only one gave to the farmer what he needed and wanted. Only one soil made it to the end of the season and was carried home by the farmer. So from the perspective of the farmer – which soil was good? Only the one that gave a harvest!

  • The Life of David in The Psalms

    There are more chapters (141) devoted to the life of David than any other person next to God Himself—in all of His Word. That is a profound truth. We know more about David’s words, thoughts, fears, strengths and weaknesses—than anyone else who has ever lived. And we know about all that from God Himself, and from His perspective. But that’s not all. We also know one very important thing for sure—it is God Himself who tells us about David. David was God’s man—His heart was after God, and for God. David was serving God as a servant of the Lord for life. David is the most described man in the Bible for a reason—God has made him our prime Old Testament example of the life of God’s servants.