Biblical Exercises for Spiritual Health & Fitness in 2015

  • Biblical Exercises for Spiritual Health & Fitness in 2015

    Date: Jan 5, 2014 | Passage: 1 Timothy 4

    As we open to the New Testament epistle of 1 Timothy, we will find that God's Word has a guide for us. There are lessons about what really matters to God from the example of Christ's retreats for prayer and waiting upon His Father; and David’s Psalms from the alone times of reflection in the caves and wilderness; but we can see God’s priorities for us most clearly from Paul’s instructions to the Church through his training of Timothy.

  • The Discipline of Truth

    Date: Jan 12, 2014 | Passage: 1 Timothy 4:1-6

    As we begin an examination of the Spiritual Exercises Paul was inspired to write to Timothy in 1st Timothy 4, think about the magnitude of what we are about to do. We are downstream twenty centuries from the first giving of these exercises, but they still work. They are as powerful as they were in the glittering temptations of the Roman World, Century One. They have trained generation after generation of God’s servants, and now, they are ours to use or neglect.

  • Our Biblical Convictions as Citizens Of Heaven While Living On Earth

    Date: Jan 26, 2014 | Passage: Romans 13

    We have been examining the Discipline of Truth: that God is the source of truth, and that we are to know and defend His truth. So that leads us to ask: What are the Biblical Convictions—of a Citizen of Heaven, while living on Earth?

  • God is Pro-Life, Pro-Marriage, Pro-Justice, and Pro-Work

    Date: Feb 2, 2014 | Passage: 1 Peter 2:11-17

    God's Word is our source of truth, Jesus Christ Himself is the Truth; and we are to exercise the Discipline of Truth: knowing and defending His truth. How do we live out those Biblical Convictions about God’s revelation of what is right and wrong? By applying the doctrines taught in God's Word.

  • The Discipline of Truth: Guarding the Only Gospel of Salvation from Demon Doctrines

    Date: Feb 9, 2014 | Passage: 2 John 1:7-11

    More than anything else: knowing, believing, following, and trusting the REAL Lord Jesus Christ is what every one of us need. We are living in a time when Paul said not only would people depart from historic Christianity; but that they would do so by listening to demon inspired false, and eternally damnable, teachings. That’s why the very first exercise for Spiritual Health assigned by God to us in the Church is the Discipline of Truth. We are to work out with the truth so we can recognize spiritual errors, and cling to the Doctrine of Christ.

  • The Discipline of Devotion: Nourishing Our Souls in the Word

    Date: Feb 16, 2014 | Passage: 1 Timothy 4:6

    In 1 Timothy 4:6 Paul explains what a good servant “minister” looks like. A servant that God can use, that is one of those “good and faithful” servants that He rewards is a person like Timothy. In this verse we see what makes us good, useful servants of the Lord: it is keeping up our spiritual health by nourishing our souls in God's Word.

  • The Discipline of Time: Rejecting Profane & Empty Living

    Date: Feb 23, 2014 | Passage: 1 Timothy 4:7

    One of the greatest dangers we face each day as believers is slowly allowing God’s influence over our lives to wane. This condition makes God weightless in our lives. He no longer weighs upon every thought, every choice, and every action of our day.

  • The Discipline of Integrity: Pursuing Personal Godliness

    Date: Mar 2, 2014 | Passage: 1 Timothy 4:7-10

    God wants to know how serious we are about following Him. In 1 Timothy 4:7-10, God's Word is explaining to us that we have an appointment for a workout in the gym. God Himself wants to train us in how to live, walk, and grow in Christ. The Discipline of Integrity means we choose to do what God's Word says we are supposed to do.

  • Dialoguing the Discipline of Truth

    Date: Mar 9, 2014 | Passage: John 15:1-2

    Do troubles and trials push you toward God – or away? Look back over your week. How is your spiritual health? Has it been a week with any trials, troubles, and struggles? Did pressures increase at work, at home, in your health or finances? And then what happens inside of you? Did you cry out to the Lord, fall upon His grace, turn from any wicked way? Or did you seethe in anger, wallow in self-pity, or worst of all harden your heart to spiritual things?

  • The Discipline of Disciple-Making: Doing What Christ Left Us to Do

    Date: Mar 23, 2014 | Passage: 1 Timothy 4:11

    As we come to the Discipline of Disciple-Making, we come to our very own personal Job Description, left by Christ as the reason He saved us and left us here to serve Him through life. A question that should frame each day of our lives is: “Am I Doing What Christ Left Me to Do?”