David's Spiritual Secret - A Life That Serves God

  • David's Spiritual Secret

    Date: Jun 1, 2008 | Passage: 1 Samuel 16

    When we get to the end of everything--what is left? In other words, what will last forever?

  • David: Serving God

    Date: Jun 1, 2008 | Passage: 1 Samuel 16

    So, whose life is considered important to God? Well, who did God choose to write more about than any other single person in the whole history of the world? The answer is the young man we met this morning.

  • David's Epitaph--Nine Words

    Date: Jan 15, 2006 | Passage: 1 Samuel 16

    What would you like to have written on your tombstone? When people remember your life and mine--what would we like for them to remember?

  • David's Legacy--the RICHEST Man in the World

    Date: Jan 22, 2006 | Passage: 1 Samuel 16

    When the life of the greatest recorded servant in the Bible ended-what was left behind? Our legacy is what we leave behind to those we love. What did David God's servant leave behind?

  • David--Standing Alone for God

    Date: Jan 29, 2006 | Passage: 1 Samuel 17

    This morning, open with me to one of the greatest chapters in God's Word, 1st Samuel 17. The record of David and Goliath from God's perspective was David standing all alone for God!

  • Saul--How NOT to Serve God

    Date: Feb 5, 2006 | Passage: 1 Samuel 17

    If the Bible ends with those who know, love and serve the Lord doing so forever--and it does. Then the most important element in our life is that knowing, loving, and serving the Lord!

  • Don't Waste Your Life Like Saul

    Date: Mar 5, 2006 | Passage: 1 Samuel 31

    As we look at the life of King Saul, at the theme of "how NOT to serve the Lord" would you join me at the end of his life? Turn with me to how King Saul finished his life in 1 Samuel 31.

  • Saul--Rejected by God

    Date: Feb 19, 2006 | Passage: 1 Samuel 13-16

    We will get the consequences of our choices in Heaven. There is a reckoning day for believers. So we do need to have regular investment reviews to think of what we are living for.

  • Crash Site--Suffer Loss Like Saul

    Date: Feb 26, 2006 | Passage: 1 Samuel 13-15

    God's Word records every scrap of Saul's life that is important for us to know about why he crashed and wasted his life.

  • Ashamed at His Coming?

    Date: Feb 26, 2006 | Passage: 1 Samuel 13-20

    Tonight either we will love His appearing--or dread it. The choice is ours. Let's look at the finish line. Paul had a distinct impression that life was a daily race with an end of life prize, and the only way to get the prize was to finish the race.