Delights of a Word Filled Marriage

  • Is Marriage Your Priority?

    Date: Oct 14, 2002

    After combing God's Word for all that He has instructed us about marriage, I have found only one description of marriage that God chooses to repeatedly present to us. Four times in the Bible the Lord clearly states what He wants us to do - what our SIMPLE MANDATE is to be in marriage.

  • Men--How to Nurture Your Wife Spiritually

    Date: Oct 13, 1999

    We have come to the third and most crucial elements of a growing dad. Do you remember the three keys we are in the midst of learning? Lets turn back now to Deuteronomy and note these keys for becoming a godly dad.

  • Three Keys to a Godward Home

    Date: Sep 11, 2000

    Over these past few weeks at Tulsa Bible Church I have shared some of the core beliefs that Bonnie and I share that are shaping our family. Tonight may I summarize them in three areas?

  • Becoming a Godly Man, Husband and Father

    Date: May 23, 1993

    There has probably been few times in the history of this planet when it has been harder to be a man of God than today ... The outlook is dismal when you examine the forces of the darkness of this world marshaled in array against this endangered species known as the godly man.

  • Keys to No Regrets Marriages and Families

    Date: Oct 12, 2001

    When your life is done, and you look back those last few weeks or months that you have before cancer, or heart or respiratory problems overtake you - will you regret these days of your marriage and family?

  • How to Lead Family Devotions

    Date: Sep 15, 1999

    This evening we are taking a look at our owner's manual. You see we were bought with a price, we are no longer our own. The Owner of your life and my life has written out just what He expects from each of us.

  • Beautiful Women

    Date: Nov 10, 1999

    God is very interested in your beauty this morning. Did you check to see if you were beautiful before you came? Beautiful to God is what I mean!

  • How to Be Godly Women and Mothers

    Date: May 16, 1993

    It's just a day before the end of Christ's earthly ministry. On this night before that long last supper/betrayal night, one of the most touching scenes from the ministry of Christ occurs.

  • Women Who Never Quit

    Date: May 14, 1989

    Mothers are quite a precious commodity, aren't they? Each of us owes our very existence to our Mom!

  • Mile Markers on the Road to Godly Marriages

    Date: May 12, 2002

    God's Word is a clearly marked trail for Parenting and Grand parenting our Families in Godliness. May I just trace that map through the Bible with you today? You may want to mark some of these verses, or note them on paper so you can use them to see where you are or should be on the Road to Godly Parenting your Families and Homes!