Discipline Yourself for Godliness

  • The Only Way to Not Waste Your Life

    Date: Jan 4, 2004

    No matter who you are, what your past, no matter where you are in life, no matter what age you are today--God describes for you HIS PLAN.

  • Psalm 119 The Foundation of a Word Filled Life

    Date: Aug 10, 2003

    Psalm 119 is a Psalm or song written by God to summarize the power and purpose of His Word. Longer than all but three of Paul's epistles--we have a book within a book, by the Author of the Book about the Book of Books!

  • A Word Filled Life Offers True Security

    Date: Jul 6, 2003

    Independence Day reminds us how dangerous the world is, and how costly our freedom and security can be. For 227 years our peace and safety has cost us the blood of many patriots and soldiers. Constant vigilance is needed to keep our freedom and safety secure nationally.

  • Discipline One - The Scriptures, God's Perfect Path for Us

    Date: Dec 29, 2002

    With each new year that comes, it is time to rethink our plans and priorities. To help us settle in on what the Lord desires for each of us, we need to refresh our minds with God’s plan. One key passage is I Timothy 4:7.

  • Discipline Two - Spirit-Filled Living: An Overflowing Life

    Date: Jan 5, 2003

    With every new year that begins we must make our plans and priorities for the coming year. To help us settle in on what the Lord desires for each of us, we have started this series to refresh our minds with God’s plan.

  • Discipline Three - Meditation: Finding Quietness in Ultra Busy Times

    Date: Oct 26, 2003

    Have you ever noticed how distracted people are? It seems like everyone is looking for something to do, and then when they do it, they didn't enjoy it -- because they were thinking about something else. That is distraction. That is the malady of our culture.

  • Meditation: Finding Hope in Fearful Times

    Date: Nov 9, 2003

    Jesus says that we are headed toward days when people "expire". The word is aposucho 'breath pops out' or 'expires' because of complete fear. We see that in earthquakes, fires, and hurricanes, usually among the elderly with heart attacks. But the ultimate panic attack is coming and many healthy humans will just expire for fear.

  • Meditation: Finding Comfort in Painful Times

    Date: Nov 23, 2003 | Passage: Job 5:7

    Most of us really don't like physical or emotional pain. North Americans consume over thirty thousand tons of aspirin a year. North Americans, who only represent 5 percent of the world's population, consume over 50% of all manufactured drugs, one-third of which work on the central nervous system. We are the most advanced society in the world in terms of suppressing pain. Yet the more we try to shut down pain, the more pain seems to surround our lives. What we really need is not less pain, but a better solution for dealing with it.So of all the lessons of the Word Filled Life - Living that life in Painful Times may be the most relevant of all!

  • Discipline Four - Stewardship: Living Totally for Jesus

    Date: Jan 26, 2003 | Passage: Psalm 116

    God's Word teaches us 8 habits that can keep us spiritually healthy until death. Wouldn't it be great to be in robust spiritual health, looking forward to Heaven? The habits recorded in this Psalm are not just for those who have one foot in the grave, they are actually good habits for all of our lives. Listen and learn the 8 habits that take the sting out of death and make us spiritually healthy to the last breath we take on earth.

  • Stewardship: Giving Freely to Jesus

    Date: Feb 2, 2003 | Passage: Ecclesiastes 5:10-15

    As we honestly look at God's Word and how the Lord has revealed His desires about our stewardship of our money - what should be our response to Him? Specifically, as we look at the Old Testament record, “God do You really expect less of me - who has Your Holy Spirit within and lives in the wealthiest society in human history - than You demanded of the poorest Israelite?" In the Old Testament, under the Law, God demanded, He told them you must do this, if you don't you face my wrath, punishment, chastisement, you face a whole host of negatives. He demanded from them. He specified, spelled out in the 613 commands of the Old Testament what they had to give. With all that, do you think God expects less from us in whom His Holy Spirit dwells, living in the wealthiest and prosperous era the planet has ever known?