Discover The Majesty of Jesus

  • The Majesty of Jesus

    Date: Apr 5, 1998 | Passage: Revelation 1-22

    Have you ever grasped what a treasure you hold in your hands this morning? Even more, the incredible treasure that is housed in those final pages of your Bible? Tucked in at the end of the book is the answer to anything you may be facing today or any of your tomorrows!

  • The Peace of Jesus

    Date: Apr 9, 1998 | Passage: Revelation 1

    So close, but so lost. The table before you represents the Last Supper of our Lord Jesus. The center candle was for Christ's seat. The unlit candle beside Him was where Judas Iscariot reclined next to Jesus.

  • The Touch of Jesus

    Date: May 17, 1998 | Passage: Revelation 1

    The Book of Revelation is God's Book about Discovering the Incredible Beauty of Jesus. This message finishes the 1st chapter of the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ. The first chapter is an unveiling of the glorious majesty of Jesus!

  • The Ministry of Jesus

    Date: Apr 12, 1998 | Passage: Revelation 1

    What Lessons in serving can we learn from John? How are we to serve Jesus ? John teaches four principles to maintain daily spiritual ministry.

  • The Blood of Jesus

    Date: Apr 19, 1998 | Passage: Revelation 1

    Sin is a Deadly Defilement. Listen to the testimony of one who experienced the amazing cleansing power of Christ's blood.

  • The Plan of Jesus

    Date: Apr 19, 1998 | Passage: Revelation 1

    Jesus has warned about the dangers coming in the future.

  • The Eyes of Jesus

    Date: Apr 26, 1998 | Passage: Revelation 1

    The EYES OF JESUS as He Jesus stands in the midst of the church are laser like eyes. He is looking with a penetrating gaze. He can see to the core of our being

  • The Voice of Jesus

    Date: Apr 26, 1998 | Passage: Revelation 1

    God created us to hear the voice of Jesus. Now go back and meet the 1st two humans on earth. We need to listen to the inspired, accurate and divine recounting of their experience of hearing the Voice of Jesus in the Garden of Eden.

  • Seeing Jesus in Mark

    Date: Jan 2, 2000 | Passage: Mark 1

    The Bible is the ONLY Book for EVERY person in ANY situation for ALL of Life! It contains light to direct you, food to sustain you, and comfort to cheer you. It is the traveler's map, the pilgrim's staff, the pilot's compass, the soldier's sword, and the Christian's chart. Here paradise is restored, heaven opened, and the gates of Hell disclosed.

  • Mining for Gold in the Gospels

    Date: Jan 16, 2000 | Passage: Mark 1

    Today I would like to go on a treasure hunt with all of you. Most of us have at one time or another read or heard about some of the great treasure finds of history. From the golden treasures of Ancient Pharahonic Egypt, in King Tut's tomb to the fabled lost gold of the Incas we have thought about what it must be like to first stumble on hidden treasure. But did you know the single largest buried treasure ever unearthed was not too far from us in the state of Nevada? This is a page from recent American history that is worth repeating and helping us as we start in our study of the Gospel by Mark. Let me share with you the secret of mining for gold in the Gospel by Mark as you open with me to Mark 1.