Energized By Grace

  • Salvation: Regeneration

    Date: Jul 1, 2007

    We are continuing to look at our connection to Christ in salvation, the only gift everyone really needs. We have seen that the gift of salvation has seven key elements; and have examined forgiveness and justification. We have come to regeneration. Regeneration is a word that is much wider than the Bible or theology, it is a part of the everyday world around us.

  • Salvation: Redemption

    Date: Feb 4, 2007

    As we open to Revelation 5, we are seeing ourselves in the future. And what is it we are doing when God lets us see ourselves? Singing praises to our Redeemer!

  • What Do We Lose When We FAKE IT by JUST Playing Church?

    Date: Oct 1, 2006 | Passage: 1 Corinthians 10:16-17

    For a moment think of Jesus with me--Jesus founded His Church, purchased His Church, and now ever lives for His Church. Jesus is all about the Church. And what is Christ's complete focus at present? He is building His Church.

  • The Power of Our Shared Life

    Date: Aug 6, 2006 | Passage: Acts 5:20

    We have gathered today to celebrate the power of endless life that we have as members of Christ. Life, endless life, abundant life, Christ's life lived out in and through us is what we celebrate this morning.

  • Biblical Convictions Of Citizen Of Heaven -- On Earth

    Date: Oct 31, 2004 | Passage: Romans 13

    If I were to apply the Scriptures as far as they relate to the current climate in American society, I would say that God has revealed Himself in His Word as: Pro-Life, Pro-Marriage, Pro-Justice and Pro-Work.

  • Communion: Our Pledge to the Lamb

    Date: May 25, 2003 | Passage: Revelation 12:11

    The Pledge of Allegiance the disciples made to Christ reflects how we are to operate as Christ's followers today.

  • Be The Greatest Person by Being the Greatest Servant

    Date: Apr 20, 2007 | Passage: Matthew 1-28

    This evening, each of us here no matter what our age, are given an opportunity by God to be great in His sight. Greatness in God's sight is really all that ever will matter here on Earth and forever.

  • Fruitfulness Explained: Abiding Crucified

    Date: Aug 29, 2004 | Passage: John 15:1-8

    This morning the key to all you and I will ever be is summed up by two words "in Christ". Our identification with Him in His work on the Cross brought us salvation. Our continuing with Him brings everlasting rewards.

  • Clothe Yourselves With Christ

    Date: Aug 22, 2004 | Passage: 1 Peter 1:14-2:11

    Biblical Modesty starts when parents and children will want to present every part of their bodies as a living sacrifice--holy and acceptable to God (Rom. 12:1). Purity of heart is usually reflected by modesty of life.

  • Apocalyptic Evangelism - Letting All the Nations Hear at the End of Days

    Date: Oct 29, 2006 | Passage: Revelation 7:9-17

    The good news is that God is going to have a great multitude of born again Muslims worshiping around His Throne. We see that as we open to Revelation 7:9 and enter the darkest hour of earth's history. It"s called the Great Tribulation.