Growing Strong in Seasons of Pain and Suffering

  • The Apostle of Praise: Paul

    Date: Jul 16, 1995 | Passage: Acts 16:12-40

    We are looking at the wonders of having the power of God through suffering.

  • Seeing God Through Pain

    Date: Jul 30, 1995 | Passage: Acts 20:24

    God knows suffering, and He has an answer for all who wonder why. The answer is not why but what. Not why does He let it continue but what is my response to be!

  • Job - Guided Tour of Suffering

    Date: Oct 15, 1995 | Passage: Job 1-2

    The Lord's Purpose for Pain is that Suffering for God enables us to experience the Song and Sight giving Power of God.

  • David - Illuminating Power of Suffering

    Date: Nov 12, 1995 | Passage: Acts 16

    The Lord's purpose for pain is that suffering for god enables us to experience the song giving power of suffering in Paul and Silas' life.

  • Joseph - Suffering Purifies

    Date: Dec 3, 1995 | Passage: Acts 16

    The Lord's purpose for pain is that suffering for God enables us to experience the sight giving power of God in Job and David.

  • Moses - The Satisfying Power of Suffering

    Date: Dec 10, 1995

    There is a plague sweeping America. It's not AIDS or TB, it's a dark cloud that overshadows all of life. It's called DISCONTENTMENT.

  • Abraham - Learning to Wait

    Date: Dec 31, 1995 | Passage: Genesis 22

    Abraham lived in an ancient city called Ur. Nearly 4000 years ago, when God first appeared to Abraham, Ur was one of the most important cities in the world. It was a busy commercial center located in the country of Mesopotamia on the Persian Gulf and bordered by the Euphrates River.

  • Abraham - Biography

    Date: Jan 21, 1996

    Did you know all of life is a struggle? Are you feeling perhaps more keenly now than ever before? As Christians we are called to STRUGGLE TOGETHER.

  • Abraham - Waiting for God

    Date: Mar 3, 1996

    God is not really interested in your money. He wants your heart. If He can't have your heart He doesn't want your money. If He has your heart, He has your money. We want to learn about investing with God.

  • Abraham: Investing with God

    Date: Mar 10, 1996

    We are learning in the context of AGONIDZOMAI, the New Testament word used 7x to describe our calling as Christians! We have watched Abraham struggle.