James: Authentic Christian Living

  • James

    Date: Apr 13, 1997 | Passage: James 1-5

    Want to grow in your spiritual life? James takes us to the heart of the life we are to live in Christ.

  • James, A Servant of God

    Date: Apr 20, 1997 | Passage: James 1:1

    James presents to us unvarnished Pioneer or Classic Christianity. He is right to the point. In his short letter of 108 verses there are no less than 50 commands.

  • Mary: Mother of James

    Date: May 11, 1997 | Passage: Luke 1:26-35

    Let's meet this incredible woman. Of all the writers of Scripture it is Luke who highlights Mary. Twelve of the 20 verses that name her are in Luke and one is in Acts so 65% of all that we have comes to us through Luke. So we need to turn to Luke 1. We will find out the qualities God admires in a woman. He picked her out of all the world for this special assignment!

  • Mary: Loving God

    Date: May 18, 1997 | Passage: Luke 1:26-2:19

    May I introduce you (or reintroduce you) to a loving mother? Above all else Mary loved God. Mary, the mother of James and Jesus!

  • Unfading Beauty (Part 1)

    Date: Jun 1, 1997 | Passage: 1 Corinthians 1:26

    Mary, the mother of James and Jesus! Presented as the most honored woman in the Bible, chosen out of all the women in the whole world to raise God's Son, the greatest living, breathing example of Proverbs 31 in ordinary everyday life, and without exception is probably the most beloved and best known woman in the world.

  • Unfading Beauty (Part 2)

    Date: Jun 8, 1997 | Passage: Luke 1:26-55

    God is very interested in your beauty. Did you check to see if you were beautiful? Beautiful to God is what I mean!

  • Joseph: Father of James (Part 1)

    Date: Jun 15, 1997 | Passage: Matthew 1:19-2:19

    A model dad is Joseph. Everything we see him do is right on. If you are a dad, follow his lead. If you want to be a dad, listen up and learn. If your children are grown, listen and share. Let's all commit to be fathers of the Word!

  • Joseph: Father of James (Part 2)

    Date: Jun 22, 1997 | Passage: Matthew 1:19-2:19

    One of the biggest struggles is being a dad. Have you ever thought about how to qualify as a dad? There is no training, no courses required. No license or degree, it just happens. And off you go on the hardest job in life.

  • Fathers of the Word

    Date: Jun 29, 1997 | Passage: Job 1:5

    Cheer for dads who pray! Fathers of the Word will be like Job who prayed for His family. Cheer for dads who lead! Fathers of the Word will be like Noah who led his family.

  • First Church of Jerusalem

    Date: Jul 27, 1997 | Passage: James 1-5

    What did James write as the opening chapter for God's New Covenant people? Directions for a clear and simple way of life that reflects a maturing walk of faith.