Learn the Old Testament in 24 Hours

  • Genesis: Calling Into Being

    Date: Nov 15, 1995 | Passage: Genesis 1-50

    The Book of Genesis starts with the Hebrew word bereshith which means ‘in the head of all things’. This speaks of the absolute beginning, before which is nothing as we know it -- but God in Three Persons.

  • Exodus: The Way Out

    Date: Nov 22, 1995 | Passage: Exodus 1-40

    Join me in the Dark splendors of ancient Egypt. Stand with me amid Moses and Egyptian Plagues. Before him stretched the wonders of the Nile.

  • Leviticus: The Offering

    Date: Nov 29, 1995 | Passage: Leviticus 1-27

    The book of Leviticus has been rightly called ‘the most NT of all the OT books. It reveals in an incredible way the work of Christ on the Cross. Divine Inspiration is more clearly stated in Leviticus than in any other book.

  • Numbers: God's Goodness

    Date: Dec 6, 1995 | Passage: Numbers 1-36

    This Book speaks of the SEVERITY and GOODNESS of GOD.

  • Deuteronomy: Dedication to God

    Date: Dec 13, 1995 | Passage: Deuteronomy 1-34

    When Jesus was face to face with the Devil in the Wilderness of Temptation, what weapon did He choose to use against this old foe? The Scriptures, yes, but specifically where? THE BOOK WE STUDY TONIGHT!

  • Joshua: The Faithful Leader

    Date: Jan 10, 1996 | Passage: Joshua 1-24

    Joshua stands at the gateway to the Land of Promise. Where Moses [the Law] could never go, Joshua [a type of Christ] enters and conquers.

  • Judges: The Deadly Danger of Compromise

    Date: Jan 17, 1996 | Passage: Judges 1-21

    The Book of Judges stands as the seventh book of the Scriptures. The message of this book sobers our hearts.

  • Ruth: The Woman Who Would Not Turn Back

    Date: Jan 24, 1996 | Passage: Ruth 1-4

    The book of Ruth opens during the period of the Judges when apostasy, decadence, violence, anarchy and warfare were the norm.

  • I Samuel: Three Key Doctrines

    Date: Feb 7, 1996 | Passage: 1 Samuel 1-31

    Life in the flesh or Spirit would be an apt title of this first book of Samuel. The striking contrasts between Hannah and Peniah, Samuel and Eli, David and Saul attest to this truth.

  • II Samuel: A Great Man of God

    Date: Feb 14, 1996 | Passage: 2 Samuel 1-24

    The book of Second Samuel records the rise, fall and finish of a great man of God. We can learn so much from him as we look into the Scriptures.