Life of New Beginnings

  • Holy Spirit

    Date: Apr 11, 1999

    Within days of Christ's death, burial , resurrection and ascension the most amazing event of all of human history began. God the Spirit began to take the sacrifice of God the Son and by applying Christ's sacrifice to doomed eathlings, the Spirit of God makes them sons and daughters of God.

  • The Holy Spirit in the Bible

    Date: Apr 18, 1999 | Passage: Ephesians 5:18

    When you and I sit and read the New Testament we are often overwhelmed at what amazing things those saints lived and did for God. In fact as I read over some of the more vivid parts of the New Testament some of the words that came to my mind were unbelievable, incredible and unattainable.

  • How to Empty Self

    Date: Apr 25, 1999

    This morning we are continuing our examination of the Spirit filled Walk. Walking in the Spirit is best described in our text this morning, Romans 8. Before we read that, let me use the world around us to describe what God wants to do to the world within us.

  • Transforming Spirit

    Date: May 9, 1999

    Have you ever comprehended how marvelous is the transforming power of God? May I use the ministry of one of my lifelong heros to illustrate that transforming power of God available this morning through the Spirit of God.

  • Quickening Spirit

    Date: May 16, 1999

    We are continuing our study of WALKING IN THE SPIRIT this morning. This is our 5th element as we ponder the POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT to quicken our mortal bodies.

  • Irresistible Love

    Date: May 23, 1999

    The 1st Century Church lived their irresistible Christian lives walking in the Spirit. Those early Christians faced the hostile world, walking in the power of the Holy Spirit. If we were to read the newspapers of the day through secular historical writers alive in the 1st Century here is what we would find.

  • Praying in the Spirit Like Jesus Did

    Date: Jan 24, 1999

    We are standing in the freshness of a new year. Have you pondered what would be the best investment of your spiritual capital in 1999? In other words, where are you going to focus your time in pursuit of Christ Jesus this year?

  • Praying Like Jesus Said

    Date: Jan 31, 1999

    When the disciples watched Jesus pray, they felt He was getting through. They were so moved by His prayer habits they asked Him to teach them.

  • Praying Like Elijah Did

    Date: Feb 14, 1999

    Our third challenge to prayer is Praying in the Spirit like Elijah did! Elijah was an incredible man, so much so that many Christians are inclined to look upon him as a kind of spiritual superhero.

  • Praying When We Are Down

    Date: Feb 21, 1999

    Have you ever thought about what kind of people God uses for His glory? Many of them are just like us weak and sometimes failing. Someone once said, "The best of men are but men at their best."