Our Risen Savior

  • The Promise Kept

    Date: Apr 15, 2001 | Passage: Matthew 27

    God kept His promise, He sent us Jesus to be born as God with us. God kept His promise, He sent us Jesus to die for our sins. God kept His promise, He sent us Jesus to rise from the dead. God kept His promise, He sent us Jesus to give us everlasting life. God the Promise Keeper, sent Jesus the Promise Kept!

  • Unleashing The Greatest Power of All

    Date: Apr 20, 2003 | Passage: John 20

    When Jesus stepped from the Tomb on Resurrection morning, God unleashed the greatest power of all.

  • Meet The Risen Christ

    Date: Apr 12, 1998 | Passage: Revelation 1:9-18

    The heart of the Gospel is the Risen Christ. The key to Revelation is the Unveiled Jesus. Meet in Revelation 1:9-18 the gloriously unveiled Risen Jesus in all His glory. But first let’s start with the Tomb.

  • Behold The Lamb

    Date: Apr 8, 2001

    We have opened our Bibles to the start of the greatest week in the history of the universe since spoken into creation by the Creator. On this day, Palm Sunday, Jesus entered Jerusalem at the time the Passover Lamb was chosen. He proclaimed Himself as the Promised Messiah by riding on a donkey as prophesied and coming from the East. But His true kingship would be as God’s Lamb, our Passover Lamb.

  • Meet The Risen Christ Today

    Date: Mar 27, 2005 | Passage: Revelation 1:9-18

    Are you consciously, expectantly enjoying what Jesus is doing today?

  • Prophetic Precision of Palm Sunday

    Date: Mar 20, 2005 | Passage: Matthew 21:1-11

    One thing you can be sure of—God keeps His Word. You can count on Him, trust Him, and believe His Word. We have been looking at the future for the last few weeks in our Prophetic Series What’s Next. But this morning, as we remember Palm Sunday we are assured that God will keep His Word about the future. How do we know that for certain? Because He has kept His Word so perfectly and exactly in the past!

  • The Exact Event

    Date: Apr 25, 2004

    One of the greatest proofs we as believers can ever find about God's Word is found in fulfilled prophesy. Of all the prophecies fulfilled in the Bible, the clearest and most verified are those surrounding Christ's 1st coming and death.

  • The Exact Moment

    Date: May 2, 2004

    Tonight we are in the final of three examinations of Christ's Death on the Cross. • We have seen that the Cross was in The Exact Place that God had predicted, planned, and promised that it would be. • Then we saw that the Cross was The Exact Event promised for 4,000 years in the Word. • Tonight we will see that the Cross was at The Exact Time that God's Word had portrayed for 1500 years that it would be.

  • The Exact Confirmation

    Date: May 9, 2004

    The Gospel is powerfully presented in 1 Corinthians 15:3-4 For I delivered to you first of all that which I also received: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, 4 and that He was buried, and that He rose again the third day according to the Scriptures.

  • He Was Buried

    Date: Aug 8, 2004

    There are two amazing men that we find in the opening and closing pages of the Gospel by John. The first was Nicodemus who comes to Jesus by night and hears the greatest verse in the Bible which was spoken to him. Every time you hear or say John 3.16 you are getting the Gospel according to Jesus from that night when Nicodemus came seeking Him. The second was Joseph of Arimathea who comes from nowhere and rescues Christ's body from being destroyed or desecrated so that it could not be buried. He shows up on the scene with everything needed to fulfill ancient prophecies, uttered 600 years previously by Isaiah – a rich man, with a new tomb, close enough to get Jesus buried in before sundown (to handle another prophecy of 3 days and nights). The sheer magnitude of what these two men did in the plan of God is so often overlooked, and so we remember them tonight.