Paradise Lost

  • In The Beginning

    Date: Sep 5, 1999 | Passage: Genesis 1-2

    The ten most important words in the Bible are the 1st 10 words found in Genesis 1:1 "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."

  • God Created The Heavens

    Date: Sep 12, 1999 | Passage: Genesis 1:1

    Have you thought about God lately? I mean, about how big and powerful He is? This morning we are going to look at four words in our Bibles.

  • God Created the Earth

    Date: Sep 19, 1999 | Passage: Genesis 1-2

    The more I read the Bible the more convinced I am that God is God. The more I read God's Word the more assured I am of God's power and awesome plan. In fact the Bible is the self revelation of the God of the universe who has opened the door and invites us in to meet and worship Him.

  • In Six Days

    Date: Sep 26, 1999 | Passage: Genesis 1-2

    Two lines run through the history of mankind: the line of Christ and the line of Antichrist, the line of the Woman's seed and that of the serpent.

  • Heavens Declare

    Date: Oct 17, 1999 | Passage: Genesis 1-2

    God has written His Creative signature across this world. The Heavens and the Earth are crying out in testimony to HIM. This morning, I want you to check out the signature of God across our world. If you look closely with me you will see that there is no way that this world could have come into existence in any way but by the finger of God.

  • Six Literal Days

    Date: Nov 7, 1999 | Passage: Genesis 1-2

    This morning we are inerrantists, we believe this book is the Holy Word of God. We are also cessationists because we believe God's Word is complete and there is no more continuing revelation from God through Apostles or Prophets. We are imputationists, we believe that God's work alone saves us, not anything we can ever do will help. And especially in this study we see we are creationists, we believe God made the Universe instantly, completely and recently.

  • Paradise Lost

    Date: Nov 14, 1999 | Passage: Genesis 3

    What ever happened to Paradise? There was a perfect earth with no sin when Genesis 2 ends.

  • Satan's Weakness

    Date: Nov 21, 1999 | Passage: James 4:1-2

    God is in an all out war against PRIDE this morning. He wants to stamp it out in our lives this morning. Let's let Him give us an exam this morning and help us cure our "I" problem today!

  • The Four Spiritual Flaws

    Date: Nov 28, 1999 | Passage: Genesis 3

    Each of us reading this is fallen. That means we live with the tragic results of the Fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

  • Doubting God

    Date: Dec 5, 1999 | Passage: Genesis 3

    When Adam and Eve chose to DOUBT GOD they started a tidal wave of sin that flood our lives to this day. This morning this is our 4th visit in our Paradise Lost Series, and each of us present in this room is fallen. Listen to the tragic results of the Fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.