Revelation 17 - Why I'm Not A Roman Catholic

  • The Mass and Mary

    Date: Mar 7, 1993 | Passage: Galatians 1:6-10

    The largest visible church in the world is the one called the Catholic or Roman Catholic church. There are many who love the Lord and serve the Lord who have been or are Catholics today.

  • The True Bride of Christ

    Date: Aug 9, 1998

    In Revelation 17 we find the collapse of the apostate world church. In the process we see Satan's harlot bride, the delusion of religion. From Eden onward Satan has been building his church. Eve was tempted and fell into sin but never joined. Cain was Satan’s first member (I John 3:12) and the church has flourished ever since. Today the church of Satan has many congregations. Some meet in those ivory towers of academia where God is banished from education. And if God is out of the equation there is only one other source of authority, right?

  • Mary and the Rosary - Is There Another Way?

    Date: Mar 14, 2004 | Passage: Mark 3:31-35

    Two Ultimate Questions in Life # 1 "Do you have a personal relationship with God?” # 2 “Is there another way to God?”

  • MacArthur

    Date: Mar 18, 1998

    A QUESTION FROM A MOSLEM I was on a flight to El Paso from Los Angeles and flying down to do a conference with men in the El Paso Civic Center. And I was on the plane and I was just sitting there as I often do when I travel with my Bible open, writing some notes about what I was going to be speaking on. There was a guy sitting next to me who was obviously Arabic. You know, you're kinda squished in on this little 737 and he was looking at me. He kept looking at me and finally got up enough courage and said, "Sir, may I ask you a question?" And I said, "Sure." And he said, "Is that a Bible?" I said, "It is a Bible!" And he said, "Oh, I'm new in America. I'm from Iran and in Iran everybody is Muslim. Over here I don't understand American Religion. May I ask you a question?" And I said, "Sure." And this was his question, verbatim, "Can you please tell me the difference between a Catholic, a Protestant and a Baptist?" That was his question. I don't know why it fell out that way. So I did. I said, "Sure. I can tell you the difference." And I went through sort of a little abbreviated history of the Catholic Church and the Reformation and how the issue of salvation by grace through faith alone through Christ alone and talked about that. And Sole Scriptura in terms he could understand and asked him if he understood. And he said, "Yeah." And I said, "You know, Protestants protested against ceremonial, external, mechanical religion and a surrogate Christ, namely the Church," and I went through some of that. And I said, "Baptists belong to that Protestant group and they tend to be a kind of Biblical and they love the Bible and they want their Christianity to be practical in life," and I just explained a little of that.

  • Where Did the Church of Today Come From?

    Date: Jan 11, 2004

    Where Did the Church of Today Come From?

  • An Interview with Peter on the RCC

    Date: Jan 19, 1992 | Passage: Mark 8:27-33

    We saw last week the necessity of listening to Peter. He was monumental as the chief of the apostles. He confesses Christ in this passage, in stark contrast to the world around him!

  • Traditions and Images

    Date: Mar 14, 1993

    Well, we come this evening to the second part of our look at something that’s a bit unusual. But I think it’s crucial for us this evening to hear a testimony I’d like to share with you, and that testimony is “Why I am not a Roman Catholic.” And last week I began, and I’ll share with you again the same outline so you know just where we are, especially if you’re taking notes and writing down, so that you’ll have scriptures on each of these.

  • Sacraments and Purgatory

    Date: Mar 21, 1993

    Gal 1:6 would be the way that I would start giving my testimony. Why it’s so crucial and imperative tonight, in the life our church, and in your life particularly, that you know why I believe, biblically, it’s wrong to be a Roman Catholic and to claim to be a Christian.

  • Does Romanism Contain Paganism?

    Date: Mar 28, 1993

    Well, in the words of Pastor Huff, I always love beginnings and endings. It’s always good to see beginnings, new life in Christ. I love to marry people, I love to dedicate babies, and it’s such a joy. Endings are always wonderful too. Especially the home going of a dear saint. But it’s always hard to finish a series that’s been impactful in my life and I trust in yours also. Tonight is our last installment, looking at basically what is my personal testimony and I think it’s probably one of the most appropriate places in the world, next to living in Italy, to give such a testimony. We live in the most densely Roman Catholic State in the whole country. This is the highest percentile of Roman Catholic allegiance anywhere. Because of that, I think it’s very appropriate for you to know why the Bible teaches that I could never be a Roman Catholic and you, biblically, should never be a Roman Catholic person.

  • The Pergamos Connection

    Date: Jun 7, 1998 | Passage: Revelation 2

    The church at Pergamos. This was one of the most desperate places in the ancient world. Satan had set up his cosmic headquarters there. He moves it around from time to time. During this period when Jesus wrote this letter to the church at Pergamos, it was the occultist, satanic headquarters of the world. Jesus planted a church here. That is why this letter talks about our security in Jesus. You can flourish for Christ wherever He has planted you. Even if you are sitting under the throne of Satan, you can flourish for Christ. You are very secure in Christ.