The 21st Century Woman of Grace

  • God's Desire for Every 21st Century Woman of Grace

    Date: Apr 11, 2010 | Passage: Titus 2:3-5

    One of the most amazing dimensions of the Christian life is the liberating knowledge that we can know exactly what God expects from us as we live our lives on earth. God has designed each of us who know and love Him, with gender-specific roles, and responsibilities. And each day we live we can either be obediently pleasing Him, or disobediently displeasing Him.

  • Reverent in Behavior- A Lifestyle Representing God

    Date: Apr 18, 2010 | Passage: Titus 2:3

    Have you ever felt less than 'complete'? Are their parts of your life that you are unsure about what it is exactly that God wants for you? Anything that is important to God, and that involves how to live our life - He has clearly expressed in His desires for us.

  • Not Slanderers: Speaking Gracefully in a Graceless World

    Date: May 2, 2010 | Passage: Titus 2:3

    At this very moment, Satan is roaming the Earth trying to mess up God's plan. His methods of attack are very focused, and are revealed in God's Word by his many names. But sadly, Satan has enlisted many helpers, in his attack on Christ's Church. Almost all of them are unsuspecting of the terrible part they play in destroying the effectiveness of believers, church leaders, and entire churches.

  • Nurturing Love in a Loveless World

    Date: May 9, 2010 | Passage: Titus 2:4

    What does God say will last forever from all the endless and mostly unseen hours of work that being a wife and mother entail? God has promised that ALL the deeds wives and moms have offered in obedience to Him as Lord, prompted by grace-energized-love, are ETERNAL, front-line ministry, that shall never go unrewarded.

  • Disciplining her Appetites in an Undisciplined World

    Date: May 23, 2010 | Passage: Titus 2:3

    When Paul told the women of grace, who lived on Crete to not give themselves to wine: he was calling for them to a life of disciplining their appetites while living surrounded by a completely undisciplined culture. And to any woman who would obey, God offers the unfading crown.

  • Modeling Godliness in an Ungodly World

    Date: May 30, 2010 | Passage: Titus 2:3

    In Titus 2:3 we find that the simple desire that God has for each woman of grace to live for is that they live for what is "good". God has explained exactly what women of grace are to live for, and women of grace are to model, and all women are to seek. But what is the "good" that makes our lives count?

  • Investing My Life in Others in a Detached World

    Date: Jun 6, 2010 | Passage: Titus 2:4

    As we go through life, we more and more learn what God expects from us, and respond. Then we notice that some of our friends are wasting their life doing things that do not please the Lord. This word Paul uses is a call to each of us to first examine our life, and then reach out to the lives of others so that none of us waste our precious, never to be repeated moments in life.

  • Husband Lovers: Choosing Self Sacrificing Love in a Selfish World

    Date: Jun 13, 2010 | Passage: Titus 2:4

    Learning to be a close knit, best friend with your husband is like starting a dating relationship with him even though you are already married. It is a conscious, intentional focus on him as a person, and as a man that you pursue. There are three simple attitudes that you need to consciously choose in your heart, pray over, and then with God's promised help - cultivate and deepen a little more each day.

  • Wives Loved by Titus 2 Husbands Who Love as Christ Loved

    Date: Jun 20, 2010 | Passage: Ephesians 5:25-33

    Husbands, if I were to confidentially ask your wife would she know that Christ is the One whose love you seek to model? Does your wife know that you are striving to be more like Christ in your relationship with her? Would she understand that the pattern of God's Word is where you seek to head your marriage?

  • Choosing Nurturing Love in a Loveless World

    Date: Jul 4, 2010 | Passage: Titus 2:4

    On Christ's last night with His disciples, He said in John 13 that believers would be known by their love for each other. This type of love is supernatural, prompted by grace, empowered by the Spirit, and modeled by godly mature saints. Christ's church was built from the start with this powerful nurturing love.