The Good Heart

  • The Experience of Peter

    Date: Jan 25, 2004 | Passage: Mark 1:16-20

    What did the man closest to Jesus most of the time catch from the Master? And when Peter was unleashed by the power of the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost and after - what did he say? And then at the end of his life as he "stirs us up by way of remembrance" what did he want us to never forget? That is the Gospel According to Peter. And guess what - it is simple, direct, and to the point. Just like he was.

  • The Gospel Explained by Peter

    Date: Feb 1, 2004 | Passage: 1 Peter 5:1-4

    Peter, when found by Jesus, had all the marks of a bully. He was loud, brash, direct, and hard to intimidate. But Jesus changed Peter. And from that moment on, whenever Peter was in Christ's Presence he was different. But sometimes in weakness, Peter would go back to what he was like before. Then Peter was given awesome spiritual responsibility. All that strong personality added to big influence and power make for a very dangerous combination. It is so good that Peter did not want to be anything but Christ's servant.

  • The Unpardonable Sin

    Date: Feb 8, 2004 | Passage: Mark 3:20-30

    Every day the one truth I cling to is the gracious forgiveness of our loving Savior. I know that however many times I fail - He forgives. I know that how every many times I fall - He restores. I know that how ever many times I sin - He cleanses, restores, and forgives. That is so encouraging, so refreshing, so hope filled.

  • All Sins are Forgivable

    Date: Feb 22, 2004 | Passage: Mark 3:20-30

    Which was the greatest of all Christ's miracles? The answer is the one that never faded, never aged, never ended. It was the miracle unfaded by time, untouched by health, unaffected by circumstances. That miracle, the greatest miracle is the one that Jesus Christ is still doing in our midst today. It is the miracle that I have personally experienced. It is the miracle that most of us in this room have also experienced. It is the greatest of all Christ's miracles - the miracle of complete forgiveness.

  • Do You Have a Personal Relationship with Jesus?

    Date: Mar 7, 2004 | Passage: Mark 3:31-35

    The most important question you will every be asked to answer is the question - "Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?" How is YOUR relationship with Jesus? Do you have one? Are you sure of that relationship? Do you understand what that relationship really means to God and to you?

  • Four Hearts - One Soil

    Date: Apr 18, 2004

    Jesus explained that we by our choices either prepare our hearts to receive truth - or to reject it. Truth is only heard by prepared hearts.

  • Wayside Hearts

    Date: Apr 25, 2004 | Passage: Mark 4:3-9

    What is a wayside heart? It is a heart that has gotten hard and resistant, living right on the edge of fruitful field. This is such a portrait of so many of the unconverted. They hear sermons but forget them. They are surrounded by God’s truth, but nothing sinks in; they are resistant and unstirred by God. God's Word doesn’t interest them. They have no fear of God, no faith, no experience of Christ.

  • Shallow Lives

    Date: May 9, 2004 | Passage: Mark 4:1-20

    As Jesus taught He was usually surrounded by crowds of shallow souls. They followed, listened, enjoyed His messages – but never could get around to doing anything with what they heard. They were fascinated, entertained, even deeply impressed with His message and ability. They were responsive in some ways, unlike the hardened hearts. Moved by His message at times, able to talk about the Lord – but never deeply changed. They are unstable, un-rooted, temporary and fragile. Their spiritual life has as much life as a cut flower. They look great until they wither.

  • The Crowded Heart

    Date: May 16, 2004 | Passage: Mark 4:18-29

    Weedy soil represents a heart preoccupied with worldly matters. Here the thorn bushes are not visible because they have been burned off the surface, but their roots are intact. When the seed is sown on this soil, then watered and germinated, the entrenched thorns also sprout and grow with a virulent violence, choking out the grain before it can produce any fruit. This portrayed a divided heart, a heart divided by irreconcilable loyalties.

  • The Good Heart

    Date: May 23, 2004 | Passage: Luke 8:5-18

    Jesus describes everyone in the world that will go to Heaven forever as being -- Good. Just as there are three types of lost Hell bound people types, there are also three different types of the Heaven bound. There are three levels, three categories, three degrees of fruitful lives. Basic, Better, and the BEST! Among the Good there are the 30 times over Good, the 60 times over Good, and the 100 times over Good.