The Life of David in The Psalms

  • What will be your Epitaph?

    Date: Jan 10, 2010 | Passage: Acts 13:36

    David loves God and serves God's purposes in every stage of life. He sees God's Hand in each situation, and he learns how to please the Lord no matter what he faces. That is the key to his life. Pleasing God, doing what God wanted.

  • The Settings For Key Psalms of David's Life

    Date: Jan 24, 2010 | Passage: 1 Samuel 16:1-13

    The habits of David’s youth never left him. They were simple habits. When he was afraid he trusted in God. When he was at the end of himself he turned to God. When he felt alone he confessed that he could escape the Spirit of God. David was a life-long seeker and finder of the Lord he loved. And all of that is what we find captured in the Scriptures and vividly portrayed in the Psalms. Join me in this look at the Life of David in I Samuel 16.

  • Finding God When Alone & Struggling

    Date: Jan 31, 2010 | Passage: Psalm 59

    Here is the cry of David's heart, right in front of us, and on paper. David simply said, "I want my life to please YOU. Every part, seen or unseen, I want my life to please you." The prayers, the cries for help, and the affirmations of God’s faithfulness are clearer, dearer, and more memorable from the dark and lonely hours in David's life.

  • Finding God Through Lonliness of Life and Job Loss

    Date: Feb 7, 2010 | Passage: 1 Samuel 21

    David is an unemployed young man, facing a bleak and unknown future with nowhere to go, and on the run. If you've ever had to face sudden unemployment, you should be able to identify with how David felt as he was going through this very trying time.

  • When Fear and Desperation Rule

    Date: Feb 14, 2010 | Passage: 1 Samuel 21:9-15

    None of us know what will be written across the pages of life tomorrow. So God invites us to cling to Him, since He already knows what lies ahead. We cling to God more and more through His promises, as we see how precarious life can get. If we don’t start a habit of clinging to the promises of God, sooner or later we’ll end up falling apart during times of living fear and desperation like David did.

  • David's Emotional Breakdown: When Overwhelmed David Fled to the Lord

    Date: Feb 28, 2010 | Passage: 1 Samuel 21:13-15

    David hit the bottom, overwhelmed by life, sinking into fear, and trapped by his choices, he melts down. This may be the single most humiliating and desperate moment of David's life. Follow along with me as we see what happens when even great servants of the Lord get overwhelmed by their trouble and trials.

  • David's Darkest Hour: When David Felt Abandoned by God

    Date: Mar 7, 2010

    David left Gath and was so alone that he despairs. And now David feels abandoned as moves to a new location that is very foreign to him. David wrote Psalm 13—how to overcome the feelings of despair, abandonment and loneliness when we are in a very dark situation that seems hopeless. The tone of this whole period of “cave times” is described by David in the first verse of Psalm 13.

  • Living Through the Pits of Life

    Date: Mar 28, 2010 | Passage: 1 Samuel 21:15-22:2

    David had just gone through an emotional quake that is off the scale. He was still feeling aftershocks, and in Psalm 40 he was remembering life at the bottom, life in the pits. This is what David was feeling as he wrote this Psalm.

  • When David Became a Caveman

    Date: Apr 4, 2010 | Passage: 1 Samuel 22:1-4

    As we come to I Samuel 22, we find David hiding in a cave, and living on a day to day, just making it mode surrounded by troubles. His experience is mirrored in the lives of multiplied people across the world. His life was reduced to being just in a survival mode.

  • Is Depression Sin?

    Date: Apr 11, 2010 | Passage: 1 Samuel 22:1-4

    If you've ever felt trapped, imprisoned, or helplessly caught by life, then you share the emotions of David in the midst of life in the Cave of Adullam. Things had gotten so bad that David makes a confession that is packed with meaning to us today. In the form of an urgent prayer offered to God, and captured for us on paper, David explains that his soul is in prison. The setting is so graphic, look at it with me in I Samuel 22.