The Master's Message of Life Eternal - Hearing Jesus Present the Gospel

  • The Gospel Presentation in Acts 1

    Date: Jun 4, 2000

    This morning we are going to hear the soul winning methods of Jesus. How? Though the eyes and ears of those who spent time alone with Jesus.

  • The Gospel Presentation in Acts - 2

    Date: Jun 4, 2000

    Twelve men changed the world. Eleven of them ate, slept, sailed, and walked with Jesus. The 12th man was a latecomer, so he had three years alone in the desert with Jesus. Who were these men? The Apostles.

  • The Message of Jesus

    Date: Mar 26, 2000

    As believers this evening, one of the greatest privileges we have is knowing and sharing the message of Jesus. What is the message of Jesus?

  • Christ's Finished Work

    Date: Jun 18, 2000

    Communion declares Christ's finished work! Jesus has reached the last evening He will share with His beloved disciples, His plan is to celebrate Passover and transform it into a special memorial to the FINISHED WORK of His death.

  • The Experience of Peter

    Date: Jan 25, 2004

    As we open to the 1st words of the Gospel by Mark - note what they are. "The beginning of the GOSPEL of Jesus". This whole book is about the Good News about Jesus.

  • The Gospel Explained by Peter

    Date: Feb 1, 2004

    If you have never picked a character in the Bible as a hero - someone you wish to be like and admire greatly – I hope you'll consider Peter. He is becoming my hero. Why would I say that?

  • Unpardonable Sin

    Date: Feb 8, 2004

    As we open to Mark 3 this morning we open to Jesus walking on this earth and confronting the Scribes, men of the Word. As we prepare to read the 11 verses that record that event stop and think what I just said.

  • Hearing Christ's Voice

    Date: Jan 7, 2001

    This morning the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the most wonderful message ever conceived, and the most powerful formula ever devised. What do I mean? Well when someone hears and believes God's Word their life is revolutionized.

  • How to Escape the Fires of Hell

    Date: Jan 14, 2001

    What is the actual message that answers someone asking, "What must I do to be saved?" God says it comes down to this, "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will saved," Acts 16:31.

  • God as Our Father

    Date: Jan 21, 2001

    This morning can you say without a doubt that you know that God is your Father? Remember what God promised about Christ's coming in Isaiah 9:6?