• Pool of Siloam: Wash My Eyes, I want to See Jesus
    Date: Oct 14, 2007

    Starting in John 9, we sit by the Pool of Siloam and remember that Jesus opened our blind eyes at salvation, but how quickly they can dim. As Revelation 3:17 reminds us, we need to avoid spiritual cataracts caused by the infectious materialistic world we live in. Avoid the lust for comfort and convenience; and watch out for greed for recognition; and finally stop coveting for security. All of these things dim our eyes and must be avoided if we want to see Christ clearly.

  • Jerusalem's Herodian Street: Building for Eternity
    Date: Oct 13, 2007

    From the remains of 1st Century Jerusalem's streets built by Herod, and walked by Christ and His Apostles, we are reminded to build our lives for eternity. We are each given one life to invest for Jesus, is yours going to fade or last for eternity? As we study II Peter 3:11 and II Timothy 4:6-7 choose to renew your desire to give to Christ what you can never keep, so you can gain what you'll never lose.

  • Adullam: Surviving Cave Times
    Date: Oct 12, 2007

    Under the great oak tree at the foot of the cave of Adullam, I Samuel 22 comes alive as we see David at his lowest point. In this time of depression and distress David walks out of the darkness of the cave and in Psalm 142, teaches us the lesson of looking up and seeing God coming to us through our trials--and DELIVERING us!

  • Caesarea: Living Full, Satisfied, and Overflowing
    Date: Oct 11, 2007

    From Caesarea by the Sea (Maritima) and in John 7:38, God's Word poses us with a fundamental question about how we live each day of our lives. Are you living what God designed you to be? He wants us to be: full, satisfied, and overflowing with Christ. Join us in this study, and start making those little choices to allow Christ to satisfy you!

  • Roman Decapolis: Confronting our Pagan Culture
    Date: Oct 10, 2007

    From the ruins of a Roman city of the Decapolis called Scythopolis (Beth Shean) we learn from Acts 14, 16, and 17 the price that Paul paid for confronting his culture, and the courage God can give us to stand for Him against great obstacles.

  • Arbel: Great Commission Living
    Date: Oct 9, 2007

    In Matthew 28 we see a powerful reminder that Jesus is with us, watching and praying for us ALWAYS. What a wonderful life long reminder from Christ of His present ministry for and to us.

  • Beth Shean: Mortify the Flesh
    Date: Oct 8, 2007

    In I Samuel 31 we pick up the tragic life of Saul, the disobedient Benjamite as John teaches us that through the obedient Mordecai (also a Benjamite) God continues His battle against Amalek, the constant reminder of our flesh.

  • Beth Shemesh: Beware of Lust
    Date: Oct 7, 2007

    From Judges 16 and the life of Samson we learn the dangers of ancient and modern expressions of lust that are always seeking to ensnare us.

  • Sea of Galilee: Refocusing on Christ
    Date: Oct 6, 2007

    On the shore of the Sea of Galilee at the Church of the Primacy, John 21 records that Peter did things in his own strength, and Christ had to teach him how to trust.

  • Jerusalem: The Center of God's Plan
    Date: Oct 5, 2007

    In the City of David, Dr. Barnett talks about the significance of Jerusalem in God's plan for history.

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