• The Life of David: Learning to Worship the Lord by Viewing Each Day Through the Lens of Scripture
    Date: May 15, 2011

    Application is the best part of Bible study. But, just like a “straight from the garden” meal: there is so much work to do. For food growth or caught, there are many stages to go through. Pick up and clean or wash; cut up and prepare; cook and serve—and then at last: the meal. There is nothing like fresh, home made meals, in all the world. It is the best; and it is hard! The same is true for Bible study. The passage must be hunted, the truths must be dug out and stored, then they are prepared into personally applicable truths, then the meal: the personal prayerful application.

  • Life of David: Learning to View All of Life Through the Lens of Scripture
    Date: May 8, 2011

    Life is hard, as Job 5:7 says: (NKJV) “Yet man is born to trouble, As the sparks fly upward”. Those words come from what may be the oldest book of the Bible, written by Job, who lived just after the Flood at the end of the Ice Ages.

  • Christ’s Last Words to His Church Series: Why Jesus Chastens His Church
    Date: Mar 27, 2011

    As we open to Revelation we open to the longest book written specifically for Christ's Church, containing 22 chapters, and 404 verses: all with the unique target of being given by God to show Jesus Christ to the Church.

  • Christ’s Last Words to His Church Series: When Jesus Visits His Church and Finds Unrepentant Sins
    Date: Mar 20, 2011

    John is staggered, the churches that received the letter Jesus sent them through John, were put on notice, and Church History records the results. Those churches that did not repent have gone extinct, Jesus removed their lamp from the stand, and He had to find others who would stay useful in His sight.

  • Christ’s Last Words to His Church Series: Christ's Chastening & Comforting Work in His Church
    Date: Mar 13, 2011

    Did you know that in less than 60 years, the original edition of Christ's Church had gotten to the point where 70% of the local assemblies were displeasing to God? That’s right 5 out of the 7 churches that Jesus had visited were reprimanded and warned. Christ’s expressed in 5 out of 7 letters His displeasure about the way that were living out God’s plan for their lives.

  • Life of David: Trusting God For All of Life’s Challenges
    Date: Mar 13, 2011

    David learned a lesson in his hard times. That lesson was that life must be lived on purpose for God. Coasting, going along with the flow and living carelessly always leads to wasted life. David wanted to place and keep his trust in the Lord.

  • His Powerful, Penetrating & Purifying Gaze
    Date: Mar 6, 2011

    When John turned to see who it was that spoke to him, he turned and saw the Ancient of Days Himself, in all His power, in all His holiness, and with those eyes ablaze with an inescapable and penetrating gaze. That is how Jesus Christ the Risen Lord appears at this moment, as we gather before Him. Let that sight get imprinted upon your heart: Christ’s Flaming Eyes of Penetrating Holiness

  • Life of David: How to Live Life Deliberately for God
    Date: Mar 6, 2011

    When God describes a person’s life, He usually does so very succinctly and measures whether or not they served Him well. As we open to Acts 13, we are opening to God’s assessment that David lived life deliberately for what pleased God. David sought and followed what God wanted done in life, not what David wanted done. There are only two choices on the shelf of life: doing what pleases me, or what pleases God.

  • David: When Bad Things Happen to Good People, They Look for God
    Date: Feb 27, 2011

    David was a good man. He loved the Lord and served the Lord. Though he failed at times like we all do, he was completely forgiven. Yet he went through years of hard times as consequences rippled through his life.

    Date: Feb 13, 2011

    Have you paused yet today to check in with Jesus Christ? The best way to do that is through your Bible, because Jesus Christ is revealed to us as the Word of God. He is the Word, and the Word reveals Him. Each time we open God’s Word we can hear His Voice.

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