• Reaping the Results of Holy Habits
    Date: Sep 26, 2010

    As we open to Psalm 101, may I remind you of a transformational truth? Your habits are shaping your destiny, one little action at a time. Habits are the default settings of our soul. When we do not consciously plan our behavior we are taken over by habit. It is easier to operate by habit, also sometimes called our instinct, than it is to consciously choose each act. Therefore perhaps the most powerful part of our lives is that box of mental auto-choices we call our habits. Be sure that you are choosing to reap the result of holy habits, not unholy ones.

  • Pursuing Submission In a World Filled with Rebelliousness
    Date: Sep 19, 2010

    Submission in Biblical terms is when we submit to wanting God’s way. Since the Garden of Eden, and mankind’s Fall into sin—we humans have wanted our own way. In Matthew 6, Jesus reduced life to one simple goal—seeking God’s rule over each day of our life.

  • The Life of David: Making Holy Resolves To Follow the Lord
    Date: Sep 19, 2010

    In Psalm 132 we find an explanation of David’s habits as a young man that fortified him for Goliath, a life of hardship and for being so useful to God.

  • Focusing on a Life of Goodness In a World Focused on Badness
    Date: Sep 12, 2010

    One word at Christ’s Throne is all that sums up anything enduring, eternal, and pleasing to God. What will be the test Christ uses to determine each person’s eternal rewards? It is whether their words, actions, thoughts, and motives were good in God’s sight.

  • Pursuing God Even When Crowned King
    Date: Sep 12, 2010

    David is no longer on the run, Saul is dead, and the kingdom is being given to David. The real test of David's life is not what he does when he is afraid, insecure, and depressed, the real test comes as he is exalted, rewarded, and given the highest honor of any person in his day: David is crowned King of the people of God, King of Israel. Will David still pursue God? In 2 Samuel 5, see the crowning of David as King and then note the unbroken pursuit of the Lord in David's life.

  • Pursuing Homemaking In a World Filled with Homelessness
    Date: Sep 5, 2010

    To this era, as to all eras: God offers the Christian home, guarded, nurtured, and filled with love by a 21st Century Woman of Grace that God calls to be a homemaker. Through each day of the past 20 centuries God has offered to every married woman the privilege of turning each moment she spends in her tent, apartment, or palace--into eternal crowns to cast at Christ's feet.

  • Pursuing Biblical & Godly Modesty In an Un-Biblical & Un-Godly World
    Date: Aug 15, 2010

    Salvation is described as being clothed with Christ's righteousness; and the Christian life is portrayed as putting on Christ each day. So each of us here today are literally, as believers: Clothed with Christ With that in mind, would any of these descriptions portray Christ's appearance as presented in God's Word, if He were here ministering in this 21st Century culture?

  • When David Suffered TOTAL Loss
    Date: Aug 8, 2010

    David survived: like a cancer victim that has finally finished the surgery, chemo, and radiation; and finally is declared cancer free. David was weak, but David had made it out of the woods, and life has returned to what it was like before all these months and years of fear, turmoil and struggle. What a pathway those days had been. Do you remember what David had gone through?

  • Choosing a God-Controlled Mind In a Godless World
    Date: Aug 1, 2010

    Often unsaved unbelievers have no idea who is controlling their minds as they head to destruction; they do not realize that sin always pays everyone back with boredom, guilt, shame, loneliness, confusion, emptiness, loss of purpose, and finally death in the form of conscious, endless, punishment in Hell. Equally tragic is the reality that many saved believers do not focus on the One who wants to control their minds, and thus they do not obey what God's Word tells them to do to avoid the consequences of sin that are in effect even as a believer. Sin always pays us believers back with boredom, guilt, shame, loneliness, confusion, emptiness, loss of purpose, and most terribly—the loss of rewards.

  • Nurturing Love Resists the Bitterness that Hinders Wives and Mothers
    Date: Jul 11, 2010

    The Cretans of Paul's day lived in an ego-centered, selfish society that knew and cared little about forgiveness. Roman society became so decadent that it saw forgiving people as weak and unforgiving ones as strong. Cretans celebrated vengeful gods and exalted as heroes those who took vengeance on others. The result was a society so much like America today—filled with bitterness, vengeance, anger, hate, and hostility.

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