• Investing My Life in Others in A Detached World
    Date: Jun 6, 2010

    This quality is God’s call for women of grace to wise living, encouraging counsel, discreet or focused living, and restraining life choices. In the English-speaking world, when we see someone doing something totally unprofitable, that shows they are oblivious to something far greater they should be doing there is an expression that goes something like: ‘you are just arranging deck chairs on the sinking Titanic’

  • The 21st Century Woman of Grace: Teachers of Good Things “Modeling Godliness in An Ungodly World”
    Date: May 30, 2010

    As we open God's Word to the end of Titus 2:3, we arrive at the single most powerful quality of the entire Titus 2 men’s and women’s lists. This single word in the Greek language, sums up the entire reason we live on Earth. This statement of God’s plan for all women, in one word sums up all that will last forever. This word explains how to keep from suffering loss at Christ's Judgment Seat. This word ties together what God wants and how we receive His well done.

  • The 21st Century Woman of Grace: Not Given to Much Wine “Disciplining Her Appetites in An Undisciplined World”
    Date: May 23, 2010

    When we gather as we do today, and open God’s Word, we are asking Him to speak to us. Sometimes what we hear touches on a small part of our lives, other times what He says is huge. This morning, the topic we have arrived at to study is HUGE. The only way to understand the gravity of what we are hearing from God's Word today is to go to where it will matter. Open with me to the end of the Bible, Revelation 4.

  • The 21st Century Woman of Grace: Not Slanderers—Speaking Gracefully in a Graceless World
    Date: May 2, 2010

    As we open to Titus 2, at this very moment, Satan is roaming the Earth trying to mess up God’s plan. His methods of attack are very focused, and are revealed in God's Word by his many names. Each of Satan’s well-known names describes a facet of his evil plan. He is called: Lucifer the Cherub who fell because he proudly wanted to share in God’s glory; Satan the constant Adversary of God’s plans and people; The Serpent from of Old who deceived Eve in the Garden of Eden; The Dragon who relentless seeks to destroy Israel the Chosen People of God; The Deceiver who enslaves the minds and hearts of the whole world; The Murderer from the Beginning who came to kill, to steal, and destroy; and The Roaring Lion who seeks to devour the unsuspecting believer.

  • Southern Steps: How to Finish Well
    Date: Oct 20, 2007

    Sitting on the ancient steps entering Herod's Temple, cut from the bedrock in Christ day--we are transported back to the day Jesus came as a baby into the Temple. From Luke 2:22-38 we are confronted with two Spirit filled saints. Their names: Simeon and Anna. Their lives: in step with the Spirit. Their ages: very advanced. The lesson: we can walk with the Lord and be fruitful at any stage of our lives, but they show us how especially in the sunset of life.

  • Caesarea's Seaport: Sendoff Prayers
    Date: Oct 19, 2007

    Sitting on the ancient dock of the seaport Paul used during his missionary journeys, leads us to the message of Acts 20:36. Paul exemplifies the holy habit of praying with those who set off on trips. As Paul ask for safety and blessing before he traveled--so should we!

  • City of David Palace Rooftop: Beware of Unguarded Moments
    Date: Oct 18, 2007

    We stand remembering David's fall into sin and the grave consequences as captured in II Samuel 11:1-5 from a rooftop over the excavation area where David's Palace stood. The view looking down into the modern day homes clinging to the steep hillside reminds us how dangerous it was for David to lustfully look at his neighbor and friend's wife Bathsheba. Flee lust as Paul says, and don't feed our flesh is the lesson we learn here.

  • Sea of Galilee: Remembering Christ is Our Refuge
    Date: Oct 17, 2007

    On the quiet waters of the Sea of Galilee, surrounded by the roads that crisscrossed the Land of Israel in Christ's day, we remember the six cities of refuge from Joshua 20:7-8 and how they portray Christ. As Hebrews 6:18 reminds us, we are to flee to Jesus our Refuge each time we feel: unclean (Kedesh), weary (Shechem), homeless (Hebron), helpless (Bezer), hopeless (Ramoth), or tempted (Golan).

  • Herodian: Holding Tight to God's Promises
    Date: Oct 16, 2007

    Sitting on the side of the mountain Herod built, we open to Matthew 2 and consider one of the greatest and most powerful kings of all time--Herod the Great. As we look at the largest palace complex ever built in the ancient world, and think of all his wealth, power, splendor and achievements--we are reminded by the dust and rubble of his desecrated and robbed tomb, that nothing ever lasts. At the instant of death we lose everything but the promises of God. How many of the promises of God are you sure that you are holding tightly to right now?

  • Capernaum Synagogue: Feeling the Touch of Jesus
    Date: Oct 15, 2007

    As we watch Christ through Peter's eyes in Mark 1:41, we see the compassion in Christ's touch of the leper who came to Him in this place so long ago. Like the leper we all come defiled and hopeless to the feet of Jesus, and we look up asking for His touch. In love Jesus touches us, taking our defilement upon Himself and giving us a fresh new eternal beginning. This touch pictures the justification we have in Jesus, erasing the record of our sin, taking our punishment upon Himself, and making us blameless saints!

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